Anker Premium Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker (Review)

Design & Construction : solid, sturdy. Slim, clean & functional design.

Functionality : impressive Bluetooth connectivity, multi functional buttons. Hassle free pairing. Focus is predominantly on superior audio quality rather than fancy features like being waterproof, having NFC, mic etc.

Sound quality :

Highs - clear in most cases, could been slightly improved. Mids - crisp; Lows - Rich and punchy.

Impressive Overall Audio quality and output.


Thanks for the sharing your review with the community. However in future could you please avoid duplicate threads and if one is made in error, make a request for it to be deleted? Thanks again.


Well noted with thanks. I’ll go ahead and request to delete the duplicate on the other post and let this one here be my original review, cheers (;

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Thanks. I’ve already closed your previous topic so no need to worry about that one, it’s just worth keeping in mind for the future.


How loud is it? Can you clear hear across several rooms?

Used to have this speaker myself and it can certainly get loud, unfortunately though at top loudness I found the bass tended to make audio sound quite muddy, not to mention draining the battery rapidly…

Oh it’s plenty loud (20W), depending on the layout of your house it can be heard across at least 2 rooms quite effortlessly while maintaining audio fidelity.

I usually blast it out at full volume with multiple genres of music but no distortion for me :wink: yes the device tries to maintain it’s bass at all volumes so it may come across as muddy at times, not often though. Agree that the battery could’ve been a bit larger for more playtime but then you get what you pay for :slight_smile:

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My coworker had one and often used it at work during the nigt shift. I say had because he dropped it off the top of the ladder and it crashed to the floor and broke. He brought the smaller Anker speaker afterwards because he didn’t want to spend more money

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Really nice speaker. Did you get it as a power user or did you buy it?

I purchased mine. Infact, I paid a premium for it since I don’t reside in the US . don’t regret it one bit though :stuck_out_tongue: