Anker PowerWave+ Wireless Charging Pad Review

Hey guys I have a YouTube channel where I do tech reviews. My latest review was the anker PowerWave+


Thanks for taking my advice and posting here as well :wink:. If you stay active you will really come to love this community. I’m addition, there are many contests, drawings, and testing events to enter.

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Thanks for the suggestion! Sorry about posting twice I had no idea, appreciate you letting it slide.

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Hi @RjeyTech_J and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Your fine posting reviews for different products as separate topics…helps to prevent confusion for those looking to get information on the products you’ve reviewed…

The following thread also gives a good overview of things around here

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This is a must for people who own a wireless charging device, especially if you own an Apple watch

That’s why you shouldn’t listen to me… I don’t really know what I’m taking about :joy:

Well done! Glad that you were able to fully test this and share your experiences with us!

Nice review!

Thanks I try lol

No problem glad to help!

Great review