Anker PowerWave stopped charging my iPhone XR

Hi, i recently bought the Anker PowerWave for my iPhone XR. For about 2 weeks everything was fine then suddenly although the blue light is on when i place the phone on the charger (and the phone shows the charging icon), its not actually charging. Can someone help??

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Hello @arismac
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I have a WavePad and it’s been fine charging a iPhone 8.
You say it was working before, has anything at all changed to your charging set up? Thicker case, new lead or power supply? They can all make a difference.

It would try the simple things first.
Try another phone on your WavePad to rule out if its your phone or the charging set up.

If that fails to charge perhaps try a different lead.
If that doesn’t make any difference put the old lead back and try a new power supply - normally the manufactures standard power supply isn’t good enough.

If another phone charges on your WavePad setup it could be the induction element in your phone that’s at fault so you could try it on a different wireless charger.

Also try your phone with a wired charger to rule out battery problems.

I think those steps should pinpoint the problem.

Let me know how your get on :+1:t2:

Hi, i have changed the lead and nothing changed. I dont have another wireless phone to try on the pad. Also, the phone is charging fine with a wire.

So there’s still a few steps to go before we can say for sure where the problem is.

Did you have another suitable power supply you could try? I believe using a wireless charging pad you need a 2amp output (minimum) power supply.

Would be good to try another phone on your wireless charging set up.
Are you able to take it (pad, lead and power supply) to school or work?

I have tried a few other wall outlets, it works on one…strange!

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So perhaps the old wall charger is defective.
Problem solved?
The wireless pads don’t tend to work on 1amp output chargers, normally best on 2amp output and above!
I guess above all, you know your phone is ok, which is the most expensive part of the equation :+1:t2:


I have the same problem with an iPhone SE 2, worked fine for about 2 weeks. Now every few time it doesn’t charge. I look to see the charging indicator, as the first time I thought maybe misaligned it. I have a 5 amp charger on the end of the USB.

Hey @Dean_Krueger
Have you tried swapping the different components to try and establish where there’s a problem?

Are you using the pad in the same place in the home? I’m curious if you’re moving it, even if a little.