Anker PowerWave + Pad With Watch Holder - Amerteur Review Style

Here is my style of reviewing a product. Which is pretty much how most people would use it. I know I got grief for not having an Apple Watch… Ooopps… Don’t care. I personally really enjoy the product. The wife is in the market for an Apple Watch and she will use it. Which of could means another review after she gets her Apple Watch. Anyway, Enjoy the videos…Nothing professional about these… Just a Basic joe giving his basic Review.

I did This in 2 Vids. 1 Unboxing and 1 review after a few days. Ever since making these vids this has been my primary charger. Honestly Recommended for anyone that is in the marker for one.

Video 1: The Unboxing


Video 2: The Review

The Review

Thanks Anker for a chance. I hope via practice and more oppurtunities, I can improve my review Style and quality. Thanks again.


Sorry Brain but these have to be th Worst video’s I have ever seen.
Do yourself a favor and wait until you wake up to make your video’s, then get to the Point (unboxing, review)


Nice videos!

Dude like your laid back Podcast set up. Just subscribed. Good luck.

That’s a bit harsh.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and fair play to him for doing video reviews. There’s lots of reviewers on here (myself included) who don’t make video reviews for personal reasons.

Maybe instead make a suggestion to edit the videos down.

@Brian_Weinsheimer Along with possibly editing videos (but as mentioned above some like the podcast style) my only other suggestion would be for the unboxing video to change the camera position - so that it’s pointed solely at the product and you could do voiceover. But that’s my personal likes for unboxing vids


Agree on all points…

Everyone has to start somewhere and it is always a learning curve :slight_smile:


Although there are many places for improvement, I am very grateful that he is willing to share these. So i think we should give him more encourage.:innocent:

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Great review!