Anker PowerWave+ Pad with Watch Holder $44.99 (poweruser page flash deal)

Shows up on my poweruser page so YMMV


Do you claim the code?:smiley:

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I don’t have a wireless capable phone so it’s of no interest.

I saw the same thing on my power user page and would have claimed code if I owned an iPhone and iWatch

Yeah, that’s the problem. You need to change a new phone!:laughing:


I think we’re all patiently waiting for Anker to make a phone and smart watch😉


That’s a sweet deal!

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Would it work with the fossil explorist watches? Is so, I’ll claim it

@Alvaro_Mendoza You have to insert your own watches wireless charger into it. So if it fits the spot then it will work

Right, but how do I know it fits the spot?.. If I had an air watch dock to compare it’d work

Well the Apple watch charger is roughly 2.8cm diameter, 0.8cm thick

I’ll verify my chargers dimensions when I get a chance, thanks

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Thanks for sharing

I just saw this. I have an iPhone XS MAX and an Apple Watch, so this is really tempting, but I already have several wireless charging pads, and a few apple watch docks already, so it’s hard to justify the expense just because.

Well you can say this is the last one you buy :wink:

Sorry @Alvaro_Mendoza, it can only support to charge Apple watch currently~:innocent:

Love to see one in any color but white!