Anker PowerWave Pad & Stand Wireless Bundle

Anker PowerWave Pad & Stand Wireless Chargers Bundle on sale from $27.99 to $22.99 from ($5 discount)



Nice deal!!

Glad to see the new deals updates from you… independent standalone deals are better than updating the single thread :wink:

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Maybe for some :smile: but a little difficult to keep track of all the deals that came through within a week (how I judge if I should post the same deal or not)

Nice deal @Shivam_Shah I’ve seen similar here with the last month maybe… good if your device supports wireless charging…

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Good saving!

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Nice share @Shivam_Shah

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Thanks @TheSnarkyOne @Daiross @paulstevenewing!

And yea this has been around quite often. Mostly on and off @TheSnarkyOne