Anker PowerWave Pad Review [Testing Club]

Gonna restart my review blog with this:

I recently bought the eufy RoboVac 15C MAX and eufyCam 2, so these reviews should be coming online soon also.


Nice review, great pics of the PowerWave Pad :+1: @onstar

Congrats on your new website, looks a clean design

Nice review !

Nice review @onstar :+1:t2:

Nice, looking forward to more reviews

I got this charger from Anker and it is great just like all their products. I have to take my case of my iPhone 11 Pro Max to charge but that is because of the stand I have on my case. I would recommend this charged to anyone that likes to use wireless charging. I lay it on the charger while I am working on my computer and I can still read all my messages while it is charging. I have reviewed it on Amazon.

Good review I like it a lot

This is a pretty dope review, congrats !