Anker Powerwave not working

Hi there

in May 2020 i purchased a Anker Wireless Charger, 10W Max PowerWave Stand Upgraded.
All working fine until today.

I am using the issued charging cable.

The unit is able to hold the charge with the blue light on, but there battery indicator on my phone is not going up!

I’ve tried everything and Amazon will not let me return it as the return window was closed in july!

What is the cause of this please - any help appreciated as this is the first time an anker product has let me down.



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Hey @samueldean
Shame you’re having issues.
It sounds like the stand is getting power but not enough to pass charge to the device.
Are you able to try a different cable and charger?
Try them separately to work out which component is at fault.

Normally if someone wrote those words the most likely situation is your phone has an app / software update which hogging more cpu power. Wired charging is more powerful so you don’t notice it so much but wireless is weaker and so you notice it.

Look in your phone’s battery utilisation and convince yourself, eliminate, your phone’s software as the cause before anything else.

Next, the most common issue is either the phone or the pad just got confused. Fully power them off and leave them off a few minutes, power them on. In pad’s case that’s pull the cord out.

Next, the most common part to begin failing is the cable, small micro fractures slowly accumulate, the cable’s resistance increases. So try a new good cable.

Next, try different charger.

If, after, eliminating phone software, power off/on, cable, charger, it is still dud, it’s still most probably the phone which is at fault as the pads are very simple things, but if you want to, use your Anker warranty and email with your order details, serial number, to prove you are the owner and in warranty, and they will offer up ideas I may not have thought of, or offer a replacement under warranty.

But, to repeat, this most likely an issue in the phone because it’s the most complex part of the end-to-end, so begin with that assumption until you’re convinced it’s not the phone’s bad day.