Anker Powerwave II Pad Review

Hi everyone!

I had been selected as one of the few individuals to test out the Powerwave II Pad through the We Love Testing program! #WeLoveTesting Throughout the past two weeks, I have used the Powerwave as my main source of charging. It provides the same fast charging that my regular iPhone lighting cable provides. It also provides universal charging abilities for me and my boyfriend’s phone. Liked stated before I have an iPhone, whereas my boyfriend has a Google Pixel 4. In my review, I tested out my Airpods Pro, iPhone XR, and Google Pixel 4 in 30-minute intervals. I found that my boyfriend’s Google Pixel 4 charged quicker than the others, being because it delivers 15 Watts of power. I like the accessibility of the power pad for my Airpods Pro. With a power stand, I found that it is harder for the AirPods pro to reach the middle of the stand in comparison to the Powerwave Pad. With the time of a pandemic, my school transitioned to virtual instruction. Therefore, I have been spending more time at home. Having an extra outlet available for fast-charging is useful and convenient.

I provided a video review if you’d like to check it out!


Hey @Charlene_Santos
Great review and loved the big teddy in the background near the end of the video.

Hi @Charlene_Santos thanks for your awesome review! And thanks for bringing out the difference between charging your iPhone and your boyfriend’s Google Pixel 4! It is going to be quite informative for some people for sure!

Great review! I like it! :clap:

Excellent review @Charlene_Santos thanks for sharing!

Glad you liked it :+1: