Anker PowerWave II - Google Pixel 4a 5g not working

I just got the PowerWave II from Amazon and trying to use it with my brand new Pixel 4a 5g and i’m getting the blinking blue light no matter what I do.

No case, just the phone. Tried laying it sideways or vertical and even flipped it face down on the charger to no effect.

Aware of any issues with this type of phone?

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Did you try a different phone that supports wireless charging?


Hey @Ben_Sykes
The Pixel 4a 5G doesn’t support wireless charging unless you add a wireless charging case or plug in.

Yeah I figured that out about five minutes after I tried posting this. Guess thats what happens when you ASSUME. :slight_smile:

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I belive the Pixel 5 is wireless, you could send the 4a back and upgrade?
Never had an experience with Pixel phones. Looks good on paper.