Anker Powerwave 10W Wireless Charging Pad

The Anker 10W Wireless Charging Pad might be the best bang for you buck when it comes to all around versatile and affordable wireless solutions.

Coming in at just under $15 USD, you get the convenience of wireless charging and the reputation of Anker.

Listed below are some of the best aspects:

Fast wireless charging: Unlike most other wireless chargers for the price, this charging pad is capable of outputting a full 10W for supported Samsung devices and 5W for iPhone.

Slim Profile: Talk about slim! Prior to this, I have been using the Samsung branded wireless charger which is about 3x the thickness of this and only offers standard wireless charging speeds. Perfect for backpacks, laptops sleeves, or any other traveling situation

Case Friendly: In the world that we live in today, you cannot live without a case. Thanks to this charger, you do not have to make any compromises! This pad is case friendly.

What’s in the box: Anker 10W Wireless Charger, 3-ft charging cable (NO AC ADAPTER) and the usual assortment of paperwork.


Only able to charge phones, no smartwatch support.

The cable could be a little longer.

Overall, I am very satisfied! After using it for the past week or so, I have to say that it has met if not exceeded my expectations. Aside from the cons, which I was aware of before I purchased it, nothing else has let me down.

One last thing to mention that is not discussed anywhere, but this charging pad does indeed trickle charge. As shown by the picture below, at 91% battery, the charger is outputting 8.8 watts of power rather than the normal 10 watts. Very nice to see that attention to battery life was taken into consideration.


Nice review.
I see one not uploaded photo.

Nice review!!

I have this model and use it to charge my phone at work desk, love it.

Thanks for the heads up! I have re-uploaded the missing picture :slight_smile:

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I have this one at my home desk but am seriously thinking about buying another one for at work!

Nice review! Pictures are stellar as well! Glad your enjoying your powerwave!

Nice quick review! I think this is the first review on the PowerWave I’ve read

Awesome review! Thanks for sharing your experience with us :ok_hand:t2:

Nice review

I have the 10/7.5 powerwave stands. The 7.5 in the bedroom, and the 10w on my table next to my chair.

The light is fine at night, and doesn’t shine so bright it’s distracting. Plus once charged, the light goes out.

I find it sometimes hard to get the right spot with my iphone X. I think the stand would be better for this…

It’s very simple, plus the Led turns blue if lined up properly on the stands.

There is one stand specific for the iPhone

Good review. I kinda regret giving mine away. I got one for Christmas but since I already have 2, I decided to give me away :sob:

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nice write up!

Nice review and pics :ok_hand:

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Nice review glad you added some pics for it

Nice review, nice photos

Thanks for the review, I also have one if these and did a review in it sometime back. It works great, but I still prefer the stand