Anker PowerPort Wireless review

I got the Anker PowerPort Wireless a few weeks ago after upgrading my phone. I had read everything about wireless charging, how it’s not as fast as wired, how with some mats you have to place the phone just right or it won’t charge, how it can get hot sometimes. Well, I only encountered one of those.

The first thing the amazed me was how small the unit is. Yes, I read the description, but actually seeing it was different. I believe the size is the main responsible for me not having any problem with placing the phone so it will charge. My iPhone 8 is about as large as the charger, and any position the phone stays stable over the charger works. In fact, the only time it haven’t started charging was when it was misaligned so the phone tipped to the bottom, thus losing contact with the top of the mat. Other than that, I just place it there and see the green charging indicator.

It doesn’t charge as fast as a wired charger, but it wasn’t an issue for me as I use it to charge overnight on my nightstand. In the few times I charged during the day it was only to top the phone off a little, and even then it was enough to fill it.

Temperature wasn’t a problem with me either. Charging overnight doesn’t heat the charger nor the phone. My car has a Qi charger on the console, and the phone is noticeably hot when I charge it there.

But not everything is great. For one, the Canadian unit doesn’t come with the 12W wall charger :expressionless: - mine is connected to a Belkin wall charger. Minor nuisance, tough. The one thing I would recommend Anker to address is the indicator lights on the unit. As I mentioned, I use it on my nightstand to charge the phone overnight, and the blue indicator light that pops once the phone is over it is brighter than I expected, so much so I had to put electrical tape over the LED. I understand the need for a clear indicator of the function, but the LED could be a little less bright. From what I can see, the LEDs are just exposed through holes in the casing. A simple translucent housing should solve that.

That’s it, that’s the only issue I had with the PowerPort Wireless. I’m so satisfied I’m buying another one to leave at my desk at work. The convenience of just leaving the phone over the mat and have it charge is an incredible perk. If your phones support the tech, you won’t be disappointed. It’s inexpensive, works as advertised, comes with the great Anker warranty and customer service. You can’t go wrong.


Nice review, I just got the 5 watt one thats a little bigger, I wanted the bigger one to rest the phone better. I get worried with the new phone charging over night, so i charge it in the morning using the quick charge.

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Excellent review. I must say, of all the wireless charging base, it is the most attractive one I’ve seen. It’s like a mini landing pad for your device :wink: I’d totally pick one of these up if I had the iPhone X.

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Nice review, thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

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Thank you for your feedback on this product :slight_smile:

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great review!
I also have the same device, and even if I do not have IQ charger, it has been very good


Nicely done. Did you use a case to see if it still charges through the case?

Nice review! I have this charger as well and it works great with the iPhone X.

@elmo41683 , yes I am able to charge my iPhone through a 3rd-party case with this charger.

That’s good to know, my wife will definitely be getting the wireless stand

Yes, my iPhone charges through an Apple silicone case, and my wife through a Spigen case.

I should have mentioned that in the review. I did some testing holding the phone with case slightly over the charger - like 1mm - without touching the case, and it started charging. Far from being a scientific experiment - it’s hard to hold the exact position, any lower and the phone touches the charger - but it gives you an idea of how thick a case you can get.

In my car, the reach is even better, the phone indicates charging while holding “half a finger” over it - again, far from scientific, but still, it worked.

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Does anyone know the charging rate of a cable vs wireless? I don’t have any devices that could do wireless charging but just curious. Oh wait, I lied. I have the Apple AirPods but then again, I’d have to buy a “special” case for it in order to do wireless charging. No thanks. I’ll stick to the included Apple Watch charger.

Would depend on phone make and your wireless charger output and end device input…