Anker PowerPort Wireless Qi Charger - Video Review

Hi everyone,

I’m Cal, and this is my first real post on the forum after lurking for a month or so, and just wanted to start by saying hello and with a positive review of my latest Anker acquisition - the PowerPort Wireless Qi Charger.

Decided to make a video review out of it, and would love to do more in the future (and get better at it of course) so hope you enjoy!


First, welcome to the community. Since you been lurking you know how great a community we are and how helpful each other can be. So kudos to everyone as well as yourself, very good video review. I personally did not realize just how small that charging pad was until I watched your video. I pictures I have seen never showed it to scale so that’s a plus. Good job


Solid video. Well produced. Keep on creating content and you’ll be doing well. You’ve earned a sub from me.

This is the 12W wireless charger that Anker sells. I believe for the time being it is the highest current you can buy from Anker, but I could be wrong. If someone knows better, I would welcome a correction.

I have my eyes set on some of the new ones that were revealed at CES, but for the price, you will be hard pressed to find a better value charging pad.



The ones from CES look better but your review looks really good. Welcome to the community though :wave::wave:


Welcome to the community Cal and a great review although I don’t think they’re your hands are they :yum:


Welcome to the community. Glad you’re come out of lurking mode. :stuck_out_tongue: Great review. :slight_smile:


@elmo41683 @thetonyclay @Oggyboy

Thank you, really appreciate the kind words, and the sub! I believe it’s an older charger, but excellent none the less.

Cheers! Yes… they are my hands. I have unapologetically feminine hands, what can I say :information_desk_person:

Thanks everyone for the welcome :grinning:


Great review and welcome to the community lurker. I have a buddy who’s nickname is lurk. I like your choice of music in your video. The proper choice of music really goes along way in well produced videos.

Welcome to the Community, I hope you make some friends here and enjoy.

Lovely video review. Tells differently than only pictures, especially the size. :grin:

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Nice review! Keep up the good work!

Excellent review there @Paralell :thumbsup: Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Great review, keep make them :wink:

Great review. It was really interesting to see the size of the pad. What could be interesting is it an 8 or 8 Plus?
I’m looking forward to see other reviews from you.

Thank you, and everyone else for the kind words - definitely boosts confidence, and plan to get more done in my free time as and when I manage to get products.

The phone in the video is an iPhone 8 Plus, not managed to test any smaller phones (as I don’t have any) but I can imagine it still fitting snug under an 8, too (especially with the overhang this has when placed dead centre).

Great review :blush:

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Great review! Thanks a bunch for sharing! :thumbsup:

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I’m looking forward more new awesome video reviews from you!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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