Anker PowerPort Solar Chargers discontinued?

I have a Anker Powerport Solar, and use it once in a while when we go for picnic, trail. One of my friend was interested, and wanted to get one. However this is no longer listed on Anker Site or does not show up on Amazon.

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical has PowerPort Solar products discontinued or are there newer models being released soon?



I don’t think they have been discontinued as they are still widely available here on Amazon U.K.

Hopefully Anker will shed some light as to why they aren’t available in the US for you :slight_smile:

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I‘m glad to know your friend like this product. But the old solar charger is discontinued in the US, and we will release the new generation in the second half of this year. So stay tuned.:grin:


Good to know that new models are coming soon :thumbsup:

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Thank you @AnkerTechnical Will keep an eye on release announcement, the Powerport solar charger is very useful for picnics ! Trouble is how to save it from friends :joy:


I smell a “We love Testing” opportunity in our future… lol


Anything is possible. Lol :smile:

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