Anker PowerPort Nano III Review - Asura

Hi friends, this is my quick review on the Anker PowerPort Nano III. I have posted this review on Instagram mainly but here it is for those who do not have Instagram. Enjoy !

Cheers to Anker for sending this out in return for my honest review.

This is actually one of their newest USB C chargers featuring 18W of PIQ 3.0 power.

You can pick them up from Amazon and they retail for £17.99 in the UK.

I’ve been using this for almost two weeks now and can definitely say that this is a very lightweight yet powerful piece of hardware.

It resembles the look of your standard 5W Apple Charger however features USB Type C for fast charging devices that utilize it, for example the iPad Pro and almost every Samsung Phone.

This charger can boost my phone to 100% in around an 1hr and 10 mins which is super convenient for on the go charging and to stay fueled.

Build quality is great and it’s so small making it extra perfect for those long trips or commutes. Combine this with a Anker PowerLine cable and you’re all set.

A Top 5 video featuring this gadget is in the works and will be out shortly. Thought it would be cool to do a quick review here in the meantime. :battery:

Thanks to Anker for sending this out. :+1:


Seems like another happy tester @arushan12
I loved mine too.
Great write up.

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Thank you !

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Good review I liked it :+1:

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Nice review!

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