Anker Powerport III Nano charger randomly stopped working

I purchased an Anker PowerPort III Nano Charger three weeks ago and it just stopped working. Nothing out of the ordinary happened to it (e.g accidental falls). I tried removing it from the wall Power source for a few minutes but it didn’t work when I tried again. How should I go about this?

When you say not working - is that with different cables and different devices? Different power sockets?

If it’s the same non-working for different cables, different devices, different sockets, then

Send email to Anker

Put within:

  • proof of purchase, receipt, Amazon order etc
  • serial number, usually on the charger itself in tiny writing, and bigger on the packaging
  • what you’ve tried already - basically what you wrote above
  • your delivery address

If you bought from a reasonable site (Amazon being a good one typically) then this story usually ends well and quickly.

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Get it exchanged or get your money back