Anker PowerPort Cube suggestion

A while ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic I started online classes. I quickly realized I did not have enough wall outlets in my room to support the things I needed. I got the Anker PowerPort Cube for the extra ports and it was great. I stuck it on my side table with the included sticky pad to secure it and everything was great. One day we were going on a trip and wanted to take it with me and I had to rim it off the table to take it. Once it go back I was forced to buy a new sticky pad and had to keep buy-in g more if I wanted to use it. I have created a solution save you a lot of time and money. With this you still get your Anker PowerPort Cube secured to a location of your choice and can take it wherever you’d like. By using velcro or magnets you can easily get rid of all that stick mess. You will need some velcro or magnets with and adhesive side; you can find these at your local store or on amazon. Stick one side to your desk, table, wall, etc and then stick one to the bottom of your Anker PowerPort Cube. Now you can secure it and take it any where you’d like. Hope this like me helped you and others as well.

You can just look up magnets or velcro with adhesive side for yours.

Did you buy and use Velcro?
Did you buy and use magnets?

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Yes off Amazon I bought the magnet ones because they held a little better.

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Good idea :+1: