Anker PowerPort Atom PD1 First Impressions

Hey guys, Hope you’re all doing well and having a great day while reading this.
The other day I got my PowerPort Atom PD1 in the mail and decided to do some first impressions on it before doing a full review later on.

The box it comes in is your typical Anker box with the Anker logos and design on the front and more Anker branding and small facts about the product on the back

The box comes out of the package with a nice simple and thoughtful pull tab. In the box is the PowerPort Atom PD1 wrapped as usual, the user manual, and the haooy not happy card that we all know and love from Anker

The PowerPort Atom PD1 itself is truly tiny and it’s size really surprised me. I compared it to the size of a dollar coin and a playing card for reference as to how portable this thing really is. While it is small it does not compromise any of its strength or power to its size taking advantage of both PD and gallium nitride technology.

Over all the it’s is pretty nice in design the white is really clean looking with a nice glossy finish on the front with minimal Anker branding on one side, specs on the bottom and the PD label at the port. Can’t wait to get some good use out of it and once I do I will post a full review about how I find it preforms.

The one thing I wish it had would be folding prongs to make it easier for travel but my guess is to have folding prongs would require it to be a little bit larger and would ruin the whole affect of it being so small.
Hope you all have a great day!


I had a great day thank you. :grin:
I liked to read your review. :grin:

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Nice review and pictures! I like the size comparisons, although I don’t know how large that coin is…

Looks great, a nice little size. I like the glossy white finish too!

Here are some other coin comparisons if this helps other than that I’m out of coins to compare to right now because my coin collection is at home. I have quarters nickels pennies and dimes on me off hand. Hope this helps


Great review, nice photos, do let us know on devices which you plan to charge with Atom PD1

Oh cool. Thanks! What kind of coin is in the original picture? I figured it was a European coin of some sort?

A US Dollar coin

Oh, a golden dollar. Interesting. I didn’t realize that :joy:

Nice review pictures. I have one of these and I keep it with daily gear bag so I can charge it while at work or I need a quick charge sometime. For me it makes a great little travel charger.

Good pictures and great review man :thumbsup: I liked it

Nice review and pics :ok_hand::clap::ok_hand::clap:

Great review n pics👍

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Nice review and comparison pictures @ktkundy :ok_hand:

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Great review and photos! :clap:t2::ok_hand:t2:

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great review @ktkundy :thumbsup:

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Very good review :grin:

Great first impression review, nice pictures and comparisons.

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Man that thing is tiny!