Anker PowerPort Atom PD 4 charging Macbook Pro 2017 intermittently

Looking for some help with my Anker Atom PD 4. I’ve been experiencing issues with it not intermittently my laptop. My laptop always shows that its charging but there is no power being sent over. I have desktop app that shows the DC power in and another USB device that shows the power sent over the USB cable. I usually get some power when I initially plug my laptop in, but then it completely drops off within seconds/minutes.

I’ve already had this unit replaced, and the replacement unit has the same issues. I’ve noticed that this is an issue that happens when the USB-A ports are being used. When I unplug them, the PD 4 starts charging my laptop again. (the charging symbol never disappears on the laptop).

From what I’ve read of the specs, the PD should be able to delivery power on the USB-C ports even if the USB-A is being used. Is this a faulty unit again and it is a more systemic issue with this model?