Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 - Video Review | We Love Testing

Just uploaded my video review of the Powerport Atom PD 2! Check it out:

Let me know what you think!

Thanks @AnkerOfficial for the opportunity! Hope to be able to take part in more testing in the future!


Nice video!

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Nice video review :ok_hand:

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AS you rightly say the fact this is a 60W or two 30W kills the benefit for me, I have a 60W charger now and a 45W laptop and so this would if I used the 2nd port likely the laptop won’t charge. So that means it is only useful for lower power situations where items are happy with 30W max. I have two devices which need 18W for example but what I am doing now is carrying one of their 18W chargers and the folding pin 12W charger to get 3 ports for no additional expense.

It is a disappointing product and I am going to wait for something more intelligent.

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Both my laptops charged at 30 watts and honestly it would probably be fine for both laptops during normal use for the day if one of my work mates forgot their charger on a trip, but I probably wouldn’t buy one for that use. I really think a 120 watt 4 - 6 port desktop charger would be best. I know you’ve made some suggestions on how to do power priority, but I would personally like to see a on board controller doing active power management. I’d be willing to pay a little more for the ability to only need one brick for my bag when I travel.

Because charging a battery to charge a battery is wasteful, in the context if carrying a laptop and Powercore PD, you’d want the laptop to get priority til it drops its drain when fully charged and then pivot to giving more to the Powercore. Because its rare for all devices to be nearly empty, carrying a little less in total than the sum of all devices peak needs, to save space and cost would be my preference.

Also I think turning the ports on in sequence will end up getting the most power used in total, rather than letting them fight over each other and negotiate in a balance not matching the above device-then-battery preference.

One way to overcome the issue of we can’t please everybody is to have bluetooth based smartphone app which can let you decide the power sharing preferences, Anker muttered something about that for the 4 port and that idea died.

I’m doing a 3 day trip on Monday and I’m going with a Huawei 8.4" phablet with its 18W charger and a 12W dual socket for my watch and a Powercore II 6700 for as small as possible, basically merging my phone+tablet needs. Anker doesn’t make something perfect for me yet, but say a 3 port sharing 45W power intelligently would get my money.

The odd thing this community has a lot of geeks with a lot of experience and yet Anker doesn’t really ask us our opinions, it’s decided in China and its just told to us, I come to the conclusion we are really only here to increase sales rather than improve products.

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Very good video review. You went above and beyond with your testing!

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Nice video great review keep up the amazing work

nice review

Very good review @The_Bearded_Tech_Guy thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

Awesome video review!

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Great review buddy! Here’s a behind the scenes look at @AnkerOfficial rehearsing for the commercial with Rainier Wolfcastle from the Simpsons!

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thanks everyone! Can’t wait for the next opportunity to review another great product by anker!

Nice video review

thank you!