Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1 is on sale - $25.49 (27% off)

Available at Amazon (USA)

Anker’s new and tiny 30W USB-C PD wall charger is at its lowest price ever. A decent savings for new tech that came out earlier this year.

It uses GaN technology to provide the same output and heat as a larger charger. And at this price it is cheaper than Anker’s older and larger 30W USB-C PD wall charger. The one downside is the prongs don’t fold.

You can check out my review of this charger for more details. Plenty of other reviews have been posted to this forum.


Nice deal!

Great Review with power meter readings and comparisons! Did you win one of these in testing event or bought it for review?


I got mine through the We Love Testing program here. But it was sitting in my Amazon cart just in case I didn’t get picked :wink:

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Nice review. But that’s an amazing deal as well!

Have you already posted this review? I feel like I’ve already read it…

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Omg wow that is a really nice price for it

It’s ok, you being such a low level user to not know this. So I’ll teach you

The user, click on them in this case it takes you to

Then scroll down, it took me 3 seconds and I found these two which both point to an external site

There, I have not only answered your question, and showed how to do it for yourself the next time.



Thank you @professor for showing this, pretty useful tip!

Lol yeah I know. It was a rhetorical question :joy:

I had to get this as soon as it was available in Canada haha, guess that’s the price you pay for early adoption😆. Right now this is, as far as I’m aware, the only gan charger available on Amazon Canada.

I’m excited to see how gan is going to be incorporated into chargers and power banks in the future.

Sweet thanks for posting :+1:

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