Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1 Deal for $20.99. (Save $7)


Great Deal :+1:

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I literally just found mine while cleaning, totally forgot I had this thing. Good deal for those in need

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If you like the price then go for it.

I am expecting a Nano version of this, not necessarily 30W but near to it, say, 27W, and for it to be a little lower cost, around $17.

So if you’re eager for travel size / weight reduction, then hang fire.

The GaN is more tightly integrated, there is no need for a heatsink and so it gets smaller. The electronics move from around 93% efficient to 95% efficient, so the inefficiency drops from 7% to 5% so the heat drops about a third, so roughly a third smaller.

Finger-in-air is end August.

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