Anker PowerPort Atom III (2 Ports) 60W Charger Deal for $28

Anker PowerPort Atom III (2 Ports) 60W Deal for $28 (actually $28.15)


Had an opportunity to test this charger from Anker Testing Club and here is my review


Awesome deal! I’ve been using this charger for a few weeks and it’s worked well for me.

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It’s an awesome charger, I have it with in my backpack all the time for my laptop and Smartphone charging!!

Bet it is a good charger. I like it but I think I’ll wait for now

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:sob: I lost mine, brought it with me to work one day and dont remember what ever happened to it after that

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I know what you mean. Someone stole my power port III mini the other day. And they stole several other things out of my bag. It’s really annoying

People these days are so messed up.


That is really very unfortunate :nauseated_face: I leave all my chargers headsets cables on my desk … none have gone missing … believe it’s time for me to lock these in drawers

That’s bad dude.
I’ve lost a few things at work, but that’s more me lending stuff and forgetting who I’ve lent stuff too :man_facepalming:t2: