ANker powerport ATOM 4 - incorrect power distribution

Hi @AnkerTechnical , i got myself the powerport atom4 recently and have a few good runs with the charger, so far its been ok but i’ve stumbled upon this weird issue where if i plugged both usb-c port.
one for 15 inch macbook pro and another one is iphone xs, i notice the macbook power supply level drops to 50W max.
not sure if it has something to do with the poweriq distribution, but shouldn’t it be more like 84W and 18W respectively?
i’m pretty sure that my iphone only draws max 18W so its a bit of unused capacity about 32watts here

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I believe since the charger could do 50/50 once you add a second device it will reserve the full capability of that port for a second device. A got example is when you plug an iPhone the protocol will not get the 18W, it will scale at 10W 15W ending on 18W. I believed this is the way intended just in case the device could request the entire 50W on the second port. I don’t think they have created a charger that smart yet.

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Correct it isn’t intelligent power distribution.

What you think is reasonable, we all want the same, charger has a total capacity, it give it out on a basis you have some control. My preference is numbered ports and a first refusal basis.