Anker powerport always on?


I have bought a Anker powerport 5, and i would like to know the following:
When i leave my powerport plugged in the wall outlet with only a cable and no device connected, is it then always powered on?
If so, can it be a risk?

Thank you.



It shouldn’t be a risk

Yes, it is always powered ON. It would be good to couple it with a smart plug to power it ON / OFF based on your charging habits, like say, power it ON during Day from 9 to 5 or Only during nights from 10pm to 7am…

I have done this with couple of my chargers, couple it with Eufy Smartplugs :wink:

It may / may not be risk based on where it is connected. Best practice - turn it off when not in use and save power

No problem.
I keep my charger always plugged.
Needs a little bit of energy, but this will not “overstretch” your energy bill. :wink:

I leave my PowerPort 5 plugged in and it is always on. The power use is negligible unless something is connected and charging.