Anker Powerport 6 port 60w Ekectric Shock

Hello friends. I charge with iphone 7 plus. Electric shock from the handset. Does anyone else have this problem? Link to the problem

Can you feel an electric shock? Spark? Your testing screwdriver seems to be at a very low level consistent with AC non-earthed capacitive coupling .

Or when you rub the metal case of your phone you feel a “judder”, or tingle on your finger?

This is not earthed, it’s 2 pin, so you’re going to get an AC capacitive coupling not being earthed through everything causing a tiny amount of current in anything which moves.

Try this: Plug in any 2 pin charger, not this one, close your eyes, rub the metal case of something being charged, feel a “stutter” or a tingle on your finger, have someone else pull the cable out while your eyes closed the stutter goes. Some people can detect this more than others.

Try a different charger and cable to be sure, 2 pin, non-Earthed, if you get a similar effect it’s then normal AC capacitive coupling in non-earthed installation, if you don’t then it may be the sign of an electrical fault.

Try this: reverse the direction of the plug in the wall, it may better earth the capacitance.

A tiny amount of current in a moving field is normal in non-earthed items. Most people cannot sense it.

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