Anker PowerPort 5-Port USB C Charger 60W and MacBook Pro 13' not working

I am currently in my home office because of the virus. I bought the 5-Port charger a while ago. Now I attached my MacBook Pro 13 Inch to it via USB-C to USB-C (original Apple charging cable). The macbook pro is not charging but constantly changing between not charging and charging every second! What is wrong? Is my anker charger broken? The mac book pro charges fine with the same cable attached to the original apple charger. And of course I use the USB-C output on my anker charger and not the USB ones.

Here’s the problem… The charger you’re talking about does NOT have a 60W PD port. It’s only 30W. This should be enough to charge your MacBook Pro while it’s sleeping; check if that works. PowerPort Atom PD 2 is a great choice!

I tried it with my mbp closed over night. Did not work.

I looked up on amazon what the description said:

It is in german but it reads “Your macbook will charged with 30w”. By my macbook does not charge at all. Even closed and even over night. What do i do now?

To be fair, it does say MacBook and not MacBook Pro. If you recall, MacBook accepted up to just 30W, but I understand your frustration.

You can contact

Try shutting down , turn off your laptop.

There are different types of 30W, called “modes” (voltages basically) the Anker charge may be givng 9V 3A or 12V 2.25A and your Macbook is being irksome and wanting 15W 2A minimum. If you stop running the irksome MacOS and let the BIOS figure it out, may be less irksome.

Buy a 60W charger like @Insider suggested, has more higher voltage modes, including 20V.

I own the same Powerport 5 USB-C, it works with some laptops not others, not all 30W are the same, and laptops in particularly are very irksome, may only work at 20V which most 30W chargers won’t do.

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Does not work. =/ I shut it down and rebooted and plug it in. Then I let it sleep. Plugged it in again. Does not work =/

Is there a charger with 1 USB-C that could charge a MacBook Pro or Telsa with 4 times USB as well as my old and broken one?

Was not I said, if I mis-read you then I apologise.

I meant shut it down. Keep it off. Then charge it while off.

Again, chances are it’s not broken–just not powerful enough. You can still reach out to support and see what they say.

There are a couple of other options:

PowerPort Atom PD 4 - 100W Total Output with Intelligent Power Allocation (2 USB-C Power Delivery Ports, 2 USB-A PowerIQ Ports)

  • Order from ($99.99 New, $84.99 Open-Box Excellent Condition)

PowerPort Atom III Slim (Four Ports) - 65W Output (45W USB-C PowerIQ 3.0 Port, 3 USB-A PowerIQ Ports up to 20W)

I would lean toward PowerPort Atom PD 4 because it can provide the maximum 60W for your MacBook Pro. You can try PowerPort Atom III Slim (Four Ports), and it might work, but there are no guarantees.

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just get another charger

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I tried that over night does not work.

And yes, I could be a new charger but I thought this would work because the description on amazon said “charges your macbook with 30w”… so I hoped that there is something wrong on my end.

Sorry to hear that.

Watts is not really a useful number to use. Volts is a more useful number to research. Voltage determines if a charger does / doesn’t charge the cell as it needs a higher voltage in that its resistance. Amps then determine how fast it charges once received the required minimum voltage.

Devices have step up/down voltage converters but the heat output is primarily a function of the ratio. Physically bigger, with fans and/or bigger heatsinks, can handle a wider range.

That’s just a long vague way of saying there’s little assured way of nothing what will work but in general pick physically bigger chargers supporting a higher Wattage.

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Hi, this is AnkerDirect customer support. Since the max output from the USB C port of your Anker charger is 30 only, please try to charge your laptop in the standby/sleep mode to see if the problem persists. If it doesn’t help, please reach out to us at so we can take care of you. You are important to us, and we want to help as much as we’re able to. Looking forward to hearing from you!