Anker powerport 2 not charging and causing a lot of electric arcs

I have an Anker powerport 2 that was functioning well until just recently when it started giving out a lot of electric arcs with minimal cause by moving the cables attached to it.

Today, I can no longer get the power port to work any more as the light on it goes from blue to green to dead moments after it is plugged in. It feels like there is a loose connection between the rocking plugs and the electronics in the powerport. Anyone know how to fix this?

Recommend you stop using it immediately, to protect your safety. Also recommend the power socket you are using, stop using that too, in case the power socket is the root cause.

Gather your email of where you ordered from an official Anker seller (e.g. Amazon) , order number, and the product serial number (on packaging) and email with what you just said and the order and serial number.

Please stop using that straight away and do what Professor said.
Don’t try and fix it, Anker might want to examine it to identify if it’s just that one unit or a whole batch of them

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Replacement is definitely the goal here. There is nothing you can realistically do to repair those folding plugs, and you are almost certainly correct that those are the source of the problem. These sorts of adapters are all glued together tightly, there aren’t screws available to do internal maintenance. And even if you could get inside, from what you have described the repeated arcing has probably already done damage to the internal circuitry.

Sorry to bear the bad news. I have had similar failures with other brands - folding prongs are convenient, but they definitely reduce durability, always go for fixed if you don’t need the space saving for frequent travel.

Be careful and replace it ASAP