Anker PowerPort+ 1 doesn't indicate Fast charging

I got Anker PowerPort+ 1 and I used it on my Samsung galaxy C5,it does show fast charging with it’s own charger but not Anker charger with QC 3.0 as my phone supports QC 3.0.

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Have you checked the charge times? The quirk with Samsung is they use a technology know as Samsung adaptive quick charge. The premise is very similar to Qualcomm Quick charge, but you may be running into an issue where your device can recognize a Samsung device vs a 3rd party and just not indicate it is fast charging.

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Actually, while the phone does use Samsung adaptive charger, this particular phone is quick charge 3.0 compatible as the op mentioned.
@zaryab.isb you mentioned you have the powerport+1, seeing as you said it shows fast charging using the factory charger, I am willing to say that it could be the cable being used. Have you tried using different cables with the Anker unit?


I agree, what I meant are the samsung chargers are not QC 3.0, they are samsung adaptive so they may be recognized differently. My LG G4 doesnt indicate quick charge, but I remember getting something different if I used an LG fast charger. Figure that would be the first thing to identify. Agree that a cable swap is a nice idea as well.

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I use the Anker Powerport+5 with power delivery hooked to my galaxy s8 which supports QC 2.0 and it show fast charging
Not sure about the c5 but try this

How to enable Fast cable charging on the Galaxy S8
Fast charging can be turned on and off in the settings. To make sure it’s on, go to Settings > Device maintenance > Battery > Advanced settings and toggle on Fast cable charging.

With this enabled, when you plug your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus into the provided Adaptive Fast Charger or a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 charger, it should take you from 0 to 100 percent in approximately 2 hours.

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Hi @zaryab.isb, from your description, it seems that the PowerPort+1 has a problem now. Please be assured that we provide 30 days money back guarantee for any reason and 18 months warranty(replace or refund) plus lifetime technical support.

We are dedicated to ensuring your 100% satisfaction, and eagerly want to resolve this for you. Would you please kindly contact us via email address: with your Amazon order number? We will try our best to make things right for you within 12 hours.


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Agreed. Look above.

Can confirm that Samsung doesn’t use QC for their phones as they do make their own “Fast Charging System”

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That is a partially true statement as they do use quick charge on certain devices but not all of them and the rest they use their own adaptive charging

This could be due to the compatibility of that particular phone itself with the charger. I have PowerPort Speed 5 A2054, and it will not fast charge my Samsung Tab S3. I have many QC chargers, and this particular charger is the one not doing fast charge to the Samsung Tab. The Tab will prompt “Slow Charge” instead of normal charge, which is worse still. I switch to IQ port then the “Slow Charge” prompt is gone and normal charge takes place.

This Aukey A2054 QC fast charge every other devices I have (Note 8, S7, Note 4) except for Samsung Tab.
Every other QC fast chargers (Dodocool, Aukey, Samsung Original etc) will fast charge the Samsung Tab except for Aukey A2054.
A dead loop ya?

Today the Tab S3 receive firmware upgrade to Oreo, and now it accepts QC fast charging from Aukey A2054. However, I observed the Reference power from Galaxy Charging Current App is most of the time showing negative mA reading, which indicates something is wrong. no background app running, the battery % does not increase although showing “Fast Charging”.

Any other Samsung S3 Tab user to share this?

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