Anker Powerline + much thicker than Anker product cables?

So I bought a 3-pack of PowerLine plus cables recently, and they are way thicker than the other anker cables I have. I mean this is awesome, that they are so thick and durable (I was amazed - I can’t even coil them like I coil the others). I wasn’t expecting them to be so hardy. I expected them to be more or less like the ones that came with my SoundBuds Sport and PowerCore II 20000. It’s hard to see in the pic, but take a look anyway:

The powerline + is way thicker and heartier. My question is - why wouldn’t anker just include the powerline + with their products? Isn’t it more cost efficient to manufacture at scale and just use what you’re already making? Also, why the disparity in the two different types of product cables?

For Anker fans, it’s worth knowing - the powerline + cables ARE actually different than the ones that come with your products, which I guess makes it worth the price.

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I would imagine, to cut down cost. Besides that, they probably know Anker fans would already have their high end cables :wink: Or maybe so you’d have to eventually replace the ones that came with their product with their “new and improved” cables. :stuck_out_tongue: Either way, it’s good to have for emergencies if you tend to use the better cables.

Cut down costs is surely one important point - also for the customer ! So if you buy a device which needs little power, then the price can be lowered by including a suitable, thin cable.

The same device would be much higher in price if the thick high end cable would be included …