Anker Powerline issues and Paper Airplane directions

So I have this Powerline (original, white, 3 ft) that I have had for about a year and a half. I got it because the apple cables frayed or just didn’t work altogether. Recently, about a week ago, this white cable randomly stopped working. I am not sure why, because it worked just fine the night before, and had never been slammed in a door, water damage, etc.

Anyway, I was curious if anyone else has had this happen to their Powerline. To sum it up, it worked fine for about a year and a half, and then suddenly stopped working. I have plenty of other cables which I am using in the meantime (including a Powerline ii Dura, which is AMAZING) but this one was my main cable.

And YES, I have tested multiple devices, different cables on the same charging port work just fine, different wall chargers don’t work, and I have tried the cable on brand new devices with clean charging ports.

Thanks so much for the advice,


Hi @paperairplaneguru, sorry to hear your cable is no longer working. Please feel free to reach out to to take advantage of the 18-month warranty.

Following on from advice above, don’t forget to include purchase details and pics (everyone loves pics lol)

Unrelated matter, what way do you think is best for making a paper airplane? I like to mix it up with the following …

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Hi, I also had the same problem with my original cable (in grey) I put it down to a dodgy connection on the lightening connector end as when ‘wiggled’ it would sometimes charge. However it had been through a lot of use, so It wouldn’t have been covered under warranty… I just bought a new one from anker and it’s still going strong! Hope this helps!

PS I like to make a dart style aeroplane!

Hi! Thanks to everyone for quick feedback and advice. Based on some Amazon order history searching, I realized that I have had the cable for over 20 months- so the warranty is a no-go. Plus, I have been using the Powerline II lately as my main cable, and Love it. Thanks for the advice, though. I think that it probably was just one too many power surges, as the wiring in my house (where the cable was normally used) is prone to having surges.

Now, about the paper airplane. I like making “garts,” meaning that they fly well long distance and really fast as well… Given that my username is PaperAirplaneGuru, you probably know what to expect.

Anyway, here it is:

My favorite design is called the ZX7. It is my own design, and is best for long-distance, outside, with a light to moderate wind (thrown into the wind). When flown into the wind with slight up-elevator, it will curve up sharply, stall (think losing speed and basically turning around) and glide with the wind, sometimes for up to 400 feet.

P.S. Ignore the bits of tape that you see- those are just so that you can see better detail in the photos. The only tape that I would recommend would be on the top, once the plane is completely finished.

To make it:
-Fold the paper in half, hotdog-style.

-Fold in two corners towards the center line, both meeting at about 0.5 Inch from the top.

-Fold in the shorter side’s corners to the middle line as well, making full contact with it.

-Fold the created point to the rear of the paper.

-Fold the point you just moved to the rear back to the front.

-Fold the two frontal corners to the middle line, similar to the second step (sorry for no numbers, for some reason they kept saying 1. 1. 1. and so on…)

-Here’s the tricky part. The two overlaying flaps, fold and tuck those under the thicker part (the pictures may help).

-Now, just fold the whole thing in half.

-Making the wings: about .5CM or 1/4 inch up the nose, fold from there to about two inches up on the back end of the tail.

Done! Have fun.

Quick notes and stuff:

-Why the name ZX7? = I just thought it sounded cool.

-In the pictures, the final plane looks really blunt and rounded. Why? = I ran out of time to fold it better- the sharper the folds, the better.

-Are winglets necessary? =No, but I would suggest using some up elevator if you want it to glide well.

So sorry for all the pictures and the really long post… But hey, when someone asks about paper airplanes, I tell them about paper airplanes.

I really hope this answered your questions, and that the planes fly well.




If I get a chance tomorrow at work I’m gonna make this :yum::joy:

Ok! Good luck. I have lost many to the tops of buildings (they fly really high).

Also, if you are looking for a good slow glider that travels for a long time (not distance) then check this out: