Anker Powerline III USB to Lightning Review

Here’s my review and opinions of the new Anker Powerline III USB to Lightning cable.

I also have a Powerline II (PL II) and the OEM Apple cable for comparison purposes.


Pretty fuss free here. A simple recyclable card box with the Apple logo displayed indicating MFi certification and two small information sheets.

You get the Anker Velcro strip which helps with storage.

One thing to note is the back of the box states an 18 warranty, the Anker site shows this product as having a lifetime warranty.


First a little bit of history…sorry!

I’ve been happy with the PL II but my only problem is it’s not that flexible compared to Apples standard cable. It doesn’t “coil” that well. So on the desk and in the car the lead wants to extend out rather than to sit in a neat coil.

The PL III was noticeably softer on opening, not as soft as Apple but more pliable than PL II. Big smiley face for that :smiley:

The plugs at each end of the PL III has a grooved finish and are slightly larger than the PL II.

It looks nicer and gives better grip - great if you’re overreaching to plug into your Powerport.


PL II & III are worlds apart from the Apple cable - both in quality and price.

So forgetting the Apple cable…

Both cables are the same thickness - 3mm.

PL III has grooved and larger plugs - easier to grip and looks a bit nicer.

Flexibility - the PL III has it here so it coils and tidies a bit better which was my only problem with the PL II.

The PL III will bend more, it’s been tested to 25000 bends compared to 12000 with the PL II.

Technically there are a few differences visit read more about this, there no point listing that stuff here.

In use-

Plug the USB end into your charger/computer etc and the other end into your device and, well, it just works!

In conclusion it’s a great cable in terms of cost and quality, especially compared to Apples own branded offering.

If you have PL II there’s no need to upgrade. But if you’re looking for a new USB to Lightning cable I can whole heartedly recommend this cable

Purchasing and information-

In the UK you’ll find Anker products listed on

For information about this and other Anker products visit


Tremendous review, comparisons and photos. :clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Excellent review with comparisons & photos @paulstevenewing

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Yes, great review and comparison photos!

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Great review! Keep it up!

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Perfect, Paul.
Comparing those cables helps a lot.
Good made photos also.

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Guys, thanks for your feedback :+1:t2:
I’ve posted links as per the pic, FB, Twitter and Instagram along with the review on the Anker community.
Is that everything I need to do?

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Nice review. Just mention what device (iphone #/ipad) you used next time.

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great review! and nice photos !

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Great review !

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Nice review! I like the comparison of the different cables.

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Great review and pics. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Great review and comparison pictures!

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Nice review and comparison :+1:

Great job :clap:

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Guys! Quick question.
Does @AnkerOfficial confirm once reviews have been authorised/qualified?
I’ve uploaded links to my reviews as well as this review here but didn’t know if there was some kind of official acknowledgement.

Your review is published on the testing page which Implies it’s approved!


Ah, I see! Thanks @Shenoy
I never scrolled down that far.

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Nice review, like the comparison photos. I need a cable for my new iPad and this looks like the one to get.

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100%, you won’t regret it :+1:t2: