Anker Powerline III USB-A Cable with Lightning Connector - 3 ft

Anker Powerline III USB-A Cable with Lightning Connector - 3 ft

Packaging - Simple compact cardboard box with the cord and some information pamphlets. Nice Anker velcro strap for easy coiling. I will only use the strap when traveling, otherwise it stays with its packaging.

Use - plug and play charging cable for Apple products with a lightning connector. Works as intended.

Quality - seems to be made of good quality materials. The cord is actually quite stiff right out of packaging but over time loosens up with more use. The cord had grooved rubber on both the ends for better grip. The grips are quite nice compared to the OEM Apple charging cord. I found I didn’t really notice them as much the more I got used to it.

Overall - the quality you can expect from Anker is evident in the Powerline III. The cord performs just like you’d expect. I would look to this cord as a replacement if my Apple OEM breaks or gets lost.

Warranty - box says 18 months, but as we know Anker guarantees for lifetime. Which is a huge bonus. I can stand behind brands that stand behind their products. Not just in it to make a quick buck but genuinely out to make a better product. I can appreciate that!



Great review!!

Great review @NicoPasquotti
I love mine, great lead.

Nice review @NicoPasquotti thanks for sharing!

Nice review, thanks for sharing :+1: @NicoPasquotti

Good job with the review :slight_smile: