Anker PowerLine III Review from Middle Earth

Let me start by saying that this is going to be a short and sweet review. I have tested and evaluated several of Anker’s products before (power banks, headphones, FM transmitters, etc…) but this is the first Anker cable that I have had the honor of having in my possession. This is a fantastic cable, and I believe that it will truly hold up to the test of time, especially since I’m throwing it in my bag and using it every chance I get. For this review, I tried to spice it up a little bit so to those of you with Lord of the Rings knowledge, I hope you enjoy!

Upon opening the standard (yet exquisite) Anker box of wonder, I was met with a nicely wound cable that contained the ever useful USB connection on one end, and the almighty lightning connection on the other. The cable is a lovely shade of ivory that most people from middle earth would mistake for basic white. This ivory covering is made of a material that far surpasses anything the world of men could ever build. It is as if a wizard, elf, and dwarf all got together and developed this cable with the expectation that someone as careless as a hobbit would be the person to which it was entrusted.

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Towards each of the mighty cable’s ends are added protection to the areas plagued by common wear and tear. Those of you with similar cables know all too well the areas of which I speak. For many ages there has been inevitable destruction herald down upon cables in our realm from the constant plugging and unplugging of our devices.

For those of you who believe that this cable is the same as every other cable in Smaug’s mountain, let me assure you it is not. For although I have a multitude of cables that perform the same function as my Arkenstone jewel, only my precious cable has the quality build that could survive a journey to the depths of Mordor and still be able to charge my phone. There’s no doubt that Sauron and everyone else in middle earth will be eyeing this cable (as well they should)!


Great review! And that first edit job is exquisite :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good review and photoshop job @Matt_Tabor :grin:

Great job you made.
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Nice photoshop edits and the review !