Anker PowerLine+ II with Lightning Connector 1ft Review - Draft

Just received the package. I have to say, Anker is doing great with packaging. Highly recyclable and easy to unpack. The cable itself is a shiny red and looks like a high quality product. The Lightning end fits perfectly into my very picky case.


I kind of like the new packaging too. I like it because it’s easier to pull the contents out of and still keep the box intact. Yes, I like boxes :stuck_out_tongue: But I prefer the older box color. These new boxes are cleaner looking but there’s something about the old blue box that calls to me. I do like that the inside of the box is blue though :wink: So they didn’t totally faze out the blue. A nice touch of the new boxes is the blue sealing sticker. WOW! I just noticed with closer inspection, the white of the box actually has embossing?.. of Anker products. That’s way cool.

I will be picking up a couple of these for my iPhones soon. I’m glad that they fit into your picky case. That’s one thing I hate about cables, some don’t fit in certain cases. I have one off brand lightning cable that doesn’t play well with my iPad mini’s case. It drives me crazy! I’m digging the red cable too. Looks very strong and sturdy. I’m sure it will last for years, or until Apple moves on to USB C cables. But then, Anker will have us covered :wink: Thanks for the review draft :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing my review for me. Copy and paste. Done! LOL

Yes, the box is embossed. Hard to see though.

The the tape that is used to seal the box is only partly sticky. The non-sticky part makes it easier to remove the tape. Too many companies just use full tape that makes removing it harder than it needs to be.

I still need to do a charge speed comparison between the cable and the one that comes with Apple products.

i like that it came with a nice little case I now used it as a coin case

Nice pictures and these cables look better than the older set I have. I’m thinking about getting another set to leave in my wife’s car.

Look at that :wink:

Glad to help :stuck_out_tongue: Hahaha. Will be waiting for the speed comparison. Btw, nice pic of the box, certainly shows the embossing well.

I told my wife u need to get an iPhone, while I hate the idea it seems anker and every company out there favors it overy android phones and I like being able to buy stuff for my phone. Plus I wanna try all anker goodies out

its worth it when you see packaging like that lol

I love the new packaging. I discovered it with the new PowerCore II.
Great cable also, thanks for the review.