Anker PowerLine+ II USB-C

Any idea when the USB-C equivalent of the Lighting Cable’s will be released?

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The lighting cables just came out, so I assume either in December or early next year

Hopefully they release the same range of lengths as they did with the lightning equivalent, the previous USB-C Powerline II cables had a disappointing range tbh.

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Now iPhone has decided to join usb-c, will there be deals like you did for the lightning cables?

Also, this goes for all cables, but especially powerline II cables, will you do a 1ft or less cable, for on the go?

At present I carry a 3ft cable in my back pocket (sadly not a PL II) so when I need to charge on the go, I can. I’d love to have a smaller cable tho.

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PowerLine II Lightning 1ft:
PowerLine+ II Lighting 1ft:

Almost six months after the Poweline+ II Lightning Cables release and we are still yet to receive USB-C equivalents, from a company that has such amazing products its sad to see a clear bias for Apple/Lighting.

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I do not disagree… Anker shows some biased toward Apple, but at the same time it’s probably smart because it’s the most popular phone.

Honestly though there’s not a big difference between PowerLine+ and PowerLine+ II other than the lifetime warranty.
Still waiting for them though.