Anker PowerLine II USB-C Cable with Lightning Connector REVIEW

I am really happy with it so far! Much better than the Apple branded cable in my opinion…

It is definitely thicker and more durable. I also like that it is less expensive and comes in black.

**Check out my full review HERE

You can literally buy this cable for $2 less than the apple version and have a much higher quality cable. The material is a softer rubber like material. It feels like it will last much longer.

I can see this thing lasting a really long time! I have replaced my Apple version with this.



It looks like link didn’t work. Probably because you *these* around the first part…

I watched the video! Looks pretty good! :ok_hand::+1:

Nice quick review. I think the warranty is 18 months for most (if not all) Anker products and the customer experience is quick and great. Try to edit the post so you have the link working. If not, just don’t worry about the hyperlink and put the link on a new line or something. Again, a great review!

Should be fixed! sorry. took me a few minutes to get through and revise. You were too quick! Thank you!

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Actually I think some of them are lifetime! Check it out and thank you for checking out my review!

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The cable does indeed have a lifetime warranty, so do any replacement cables from the original warranty :wink:

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Good to know! I saw a lot of the products that had 18 months warranty so assumed it was the standard warranty. Having lifetime warranty on cables is kinda gutsy honestly :joy:

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Anker cables are invincible :joy::wink:

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I’ll probably find that out when we get our 2 pack USB A to USB C cables :wink:


Do you not own any anker cables yet :scream:

Nope none yet. I only own 2 anker products. SoundBuds Slim and Soundcore Life 2

Oh… you need to pick up some more :grin:. Didn’t both those products come with a cable though?

Well yeah the tiny charging cables and AUX cable from Life 2 if I’m not wrong

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Nice video review!! :ok_hand: good job!

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Video looks great! With more and more USB-C chargers need more of these cables for iOS devices

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Awesome video review!

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The video looks great! Do you use the fish-eye lenses to shoot?

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Great little video.
I’ve recently had to use the lifetime warranty on a Powerline+ II cable and as expected. Anker shipped one out straight away.
The lightning connector on the end split. Like the metal bit around the connector. But the cable was still in perfect condition. I would buy anything else.

Some 90 degree connectors would be good though @AnkerTechnical. My kids and wife are always testing the bending and connectors out :see_no_evil:

Ps. I got the black one. It’s amazing.

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Great review! Thanks for sharing!