Anker Powerline+ II - Review

Hi everyone, here is the review of the beautiful and elegant Anker Powerline+ II.

I would like to point out that the original review is in Italian and you can find it here.

The review here is an abbreviated english version and automatically translated with google translate so get angry with it (not with me :joy:) for any grammatical mistakes :innocent:

:package: PACKAGE :package:
The product comes in a rigid carton pack (12 x 8.5 x 4.5 cm) really well done, but not qualitatively like other Anker products I bought in the past. The box is simple in the size dimensions of the fantastic black zip case that contains the cable. The integrity and genuineness of the product is guaranteed by the blue color that covers the opening of the package (see photo).
On the front of the package is the manufacturer’s brand and the compatibility of the cable, on the back is indicated, in addition to the unique product code, also the cable length in meters (1.8) and feet (6), all the list devices compatible with the charging cable and contacts for customer service.

:mag_right: WHAT’S INSIDE :mag:
Inside the box found: in the foreground a black case with the cable inside to facilitate transport in every place and situation and the classic card, which I personally appreciate very much, “happy” or “not happy” by the Anker procedure from follow in case one is unhappy with the purchase or has received a defective product. This note is a testimony to the commitment and care of Anker towards its customers, with an extraordinary post-sales assistance that I have already experienced several times in the past.

:clipboard: OBSERVATIONS :clipboard:
Let’s start from the cable. Start by saying that this is the first nylon cloth cable I buy. I am already very difficult to wear the 3 meter big brother but I thought that the 180 cm size is more than enough as it is already more than 77 cm longer than the original Apple cable that measures 106 cm. Too long a measurement can be very annoying as well as being rather bulky (the cable is thick) and heavy to carry in a pocket. The cord is of indisputable quality, elegant finishes, and very pleasant to the touch. It really looks like a way of charging for smartphones. Its standard length (1.8 m) is definitely a plus point compared to an Apple standard, but my opinion, the cable is a bit too thick, which makes it heavy and excessively rigid perhaps a cause of the double shielding of aluminum and copper. For the rest, the Miglio certification did not have any doubt about the safety and security of this cable with the devices of the apple.
Charging times with the Anker Powerline + I cable are a pair of wall chargers, which is an iPhone, iPad or iPod.
I own an iPhone 6 and use its original charging cable which still works great. However, the signs of time and wear are not slow to appear, in fact, as can also be seen from the photos, the cable is yellowed and has lost the typical rigidity of a new brand new refill. The Powerline + II cable thanks to the nylon fabric that surrounds it, keeps up with these problems of the original cable in the long run. It also has a USB socket and a socket that are the most subject to torsions and wear by the user. In fact, Anker ensures a much longer life than once. In addition, the bright colors of the braided nylon give the possibility to use the phone with the color of a bag, a dress or a cell phone, dampening the classic and monotonous white color of the Apple cable. The devices compatible with this cable are: iPhone X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus / 5s, iPad Pro / Air / Air 2, iPad mini / mini 2 / mini 3 / mini 4, iPad ( 4th generation), iPod nano (7th generation) and iPod Touch (5th generation). Finally, the cable has a very practical and comfortable Velcro strap fixed to the wire that allows it to be folded in a stable way in the case. The strap is permanently fixed to the cable to avoid the following day, but at the same time it is possible to run it along the entire length of the cable.
Now let’s move to the box. Compared to the fabric cloth that surrounds the Anker cables of the past generations, the 1.8 m Powerline + II cable is accompanied by an elegant, soft and at the same time resistant black colored purse. This has a double opening that allows you to adjust the length of the charging cable to the thing you need at that moment (see photo). The case is oval and is small enough to fit into the back pocket of a trouser. It is important to specify that the carrying case is not included in the 30 cm and 3 m version of the cable.

:memo: REVIEW :memo:
Why did I prefer this Powerline + II compared to others? Simply for the best length / durability / price ratio of all (paid € 14.99). This Anker cable will surely replace my already worn and yellowed Apple original cable. Another advantage of these fabric cables compared to those coated with plastic lies in the fact that they are much less prone to entanglement and wrapping when they are stored free (not in the case) in the pocket of a jeans or a backpack / bag.
Last consideration, the possible audience of this fantastic product. The Powerline + II cable does not have a targeted audience because who would never give up a longer cable, resistant, elegant, colorful, pleasant to the touch and easy to carry thanks to its included case? Probably none.

:checkered_flag: VOTE :checkered_flag:
Amazing build quality, certified by Apple MFi. A bit cumbersome, heavy and too double. Fantastic after-sales customer support from Anker. The carrying case is a great plus. Five stars deserved :star::star::star::star::star:


Good job, love the pics. That case is really handy and can be used for soundbuds if you have them.


I got a 6ft one in black and love them. Good review and Very detailed, I liked the emojis


Good review… I got a black one and keep it with my Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 as my primary charger around the house. Love the cable, really well constructed, good material, feels really sturdy, and definitely love the carrying case…

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Very detailed :clap:t2:

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Very nice review. Thanks for sharing!

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Great review! My concern with these are the aluminum accents that might come across something more fragile at home, like glass or metal on my iPhone X or iPad.

Although tempting to try one out, I still have some extra PowerLine and PowerLine II cables laying around and probably best to use them first. Anker’s PowerLine II are still durable enough and more economical to use until USB-C matures.


Thanks for this great review. I got one on my own, and this cable is impressive.

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@elmo41683 I don’t have soundbuds jet but thanks for the tip :wink:

@cdarienzo1 For me 3 m is too long, but in certain situations it can be very useful

@andrewtiangco The cable really looks like a cord and the case is a big plus considering the price

Good job with the review. I’m hoping to pick up some soon. :slight_smile:

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@k_pug2003 Thanks! :beers:

@Nitin205 Thanks :smile:

Good review @JohnWatson I’m tempted to buy one of these :slight_smile:

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Hi @Scott_Heng absolutely use your PowerLine II and save money!

Thank you @Antoine_Turpin yes it really is an impressive cable :yum:

Hi @Nhi I think it could be a good Christmas present, simple, cheap and above all useful! :gift:

Is it noticeably better than the powerline+ I

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