Anker Powerline+ II Compatibility

I was first wondering if the powerline+ 2 has data lines. I know its an awsome charger but does it also tranfer data? For my main question is compatibility. I have a lifeproof 6s case. I know under the powerline description is says its not comaptible for the lifeproof 6/6 plus cases. The 6s case is however slightly different from those. So does this also apply for the powerline+ II cable?

It does everything your Apple lightning cable does, but you’ll get a much longer life out of it. I have a PowerLine+ II and it’s the best lightning cable I’ve ever owned.

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As @Mark_Dunsmore mentioned these cable do everything the OEM cable does. But these cable are made better and designed to last a lot longer than OEM.

I must have bad luck, I’ve already had 2 Anker 6ft lightning cables die on me at the lightning connection side where it sorta sparks and shorts out it seems. I probably could get them replaced but eh not worth it to me it will more than likely happen again. I’m hard on my cables and they rarely last me half a year. Although the original Apple lightning cable has lasted quite well, strange.