Anker Powerline+ II 6ft Lightning Cable Review

I have been using this amazing cable for a few weeks now and has been great because I don’t need the extension USB cable I had due to my outlet being far away from my nightstand. The USB extension was OK but my charging cable would always get disconnected from the extension if I pulled it to hard. Now I don’t have to worry about the cable getting disconnected as it is plugged directly into the plug. So far no complaints. Amazing product as usual.

Extension USBs are great for some things, but I find that just using a single, regular cable is way better. You don’t have to worry about too much tension, and some USB extensions can result in voltage loss as well, giving you a slower charge (plus a single cable just looks better :wink:).

I really like the durability of anker cables they last long then the Apple lightning cables I’ve had my for almost 2 years and it’s still working

I think that, at this point, all of my cables are from Anker. I have a few generic micro-USB cables from various other accessories that I’ve bought, but I have so many Anker cables that I just file the generic ones away in a drawer and don’t use them.

I went through and literally ripped apart all the generic micro usb cables. I checked to see if they slow charged my phone or caused it to go into trickle charge mode or ca used some sort if issue that warranted me getting rid of it. I ended up with 2 grocery bags full of crappy cables, all replaced by Anker cables.