Anker PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable for $11


The Anker PowerLine II is a three-in-one charging cable that features swappable heads for Lightning, USB-C and micro-USB. This means that with this one charging cable you’re able to charge your iPhone, Sony WH-1000M3 headphones or Nintendo Switch, or whatever else that still charges via micro-USB (like running headphones or a compact camera). If you’re traveling, the PowerLine II essentially eliminates the need for you to bring many of your other charging cables.

The cable is also MFi-certified by Apple, so it’ll work just as well as any Lightning cable that you purchase from Apple.

Right now, you can purchase the normally $18 charging cable for just $11 on Amazon – just makes sure to enter the promo code ANKER8436 at checkout. You can never have too many.


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