Anker Powerline cable Lightning connector teardown

If anyone is interested to see what the internal construction of an Anker Powerline cable Lightning connector looks like, a reviewer on Y*utube has done a comparative teardown of several types including the original Apple one:

The relevant bit starts at 14:00 in the video if you want to jump right in. The segment with the original Apple connector starts at 13:05.

Just a few thoughts of mine:

  1. great to see that the Anker Powerline Lightning cable live up to its quality reputation with regards construction and charging rate
  2. whilst the Anker Powerline has a thinner metal sleeve around the connector board than the Apple, this is a better balance of design choice with Anker focusing on a stronger cable outer jacket. The biggest point of failure with Apple cables is fraying of the cable outer jacket especially at the junction with the Lightning head. I’ve never had an Anker Lightning head detach from the connector yet, but gave up buying Apple cables dues to multiple ones sustaining outer jacket failure even with light use only.

Thank you for the link to this very interesting video.
The fellow made a good job and there are so many things to learn about the quality of cables. :wink:

Thanks for sharing! Good video resource, I never seen this before.:grin:

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Thanks for sharing! That’s cool!

Wow, this is very interesting. I don’t think anyone has done this before. Thanks for sharing this!

Well, this is the normal Anker cable. He should also teardown the Powerline+ II. It would be very interesting.

cool video