Anker Powerline 3 to Lightning Cable Review

I’ll keep my review short and simple. I currently use the PL2 for my every day carry cable. My only complaints about the PL2 was the heft of the cable. It made it difficult to coil up and put away. The new Powerline 3 solves this problem beautifully. The new cable is noticeably thinner and more flexible. That being, the cable still feels just as durable as my PL2 (the reason I bought it in the first place). The PL3 is my new every day carry cable. Keep it up, Anker.

PS Go Pack!


Good review, cool photo

I prefer long and detailed, but yours is still good :wink:

I like the short and simple reviews :wink: :slight_smile: Well done. Although, I do like the heft of the PL2 cable too.

Our new slogan will be slim but durable. Lol :smile:


Nice review

What should be written a lot about a simple cable. :wink:
All OK! Thank you!

I prefer a long more detailed review as @TechMan mentioned. But this is a cable review and their isn’t much to talk about :wink:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and picture.

Small and simple improvements on cables that are unbelievable.

Short and to the point :muscle:t2:

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Great review @Mvs4kvd
I also found the PL II a bit stiff and wouldn’t coil, but on measuring I didn’t find the PL III and thinner but definitely more flexible.

Good review on an item that doesn’t require a lot to be written about it.

Your review is a good descriptive balance along with your honest opinion.

Good job! :+1:

Just wondering how you guys are trying to “coil” these cables. Below is a shot of how I coil all my cables. You can coil to almost any diameter (of course you can only coil it so small) and the cable lies almost flat. You also do not need any type of cable tie to hold it in this shape and no part of the cable is stressed in any way.

The cable is looped into a circle of whatever diameter you choose. The end (in the shot below, the Lightning end) is woven in/out only enough for it’s friction to hold the loop together…it’s not like it’s twisted around a bunch of times. It takes me literally under 5 seconds to coil a cable like this (3 ft length). Longer cables will of course take longer to coil.

Guitar and bass strings are wound this way for packaging and I’ve used this method on all my cables for many years now.


Hey @SZak2015 :wave:t2:
I’m talking more about it’s resting coil/self coil.
I use it in the car and was finding when I put the phone in the cubby hole the PL II just wanted to spring out all over the place and wouldn’t naturally coil very well.
I found the PL III behaved a bit more, when I put my phone in the cubby hole the cable self coils better and sits in place rather than springing out all around my gear stick.

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Best would be to use such a machine! :rofl:

Could be added by ANKER to all cables longer than 1 meter!


That will look great in the dashboard of my car. :rofl:

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And the kids have something to do when the family is on journey!

“Eagerly coiling father’s cables from his huge collection!” :laughing:

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