Anker Powerhouse

Does anyone here have an Anker Powerhouse? If so how do you like it, I’m thinking about getting one.

Probably no one has one due to the sheer cost and un-portability it has. Unless you go camping with tech a lot, or are some kind of scientist in the field, there really is no point in getting one. The weight of the product makes it nearly impossible to bring along when hiking.

i have a honda eu2000. I can’t honestly see a need for a massive battery like that myself

I do NOT have one and recommend many Anker products, but the $400-500 PowerHouse would definitely not be one of them. It’s up to you though, obviously.

I have a large UPS in my tech home in my home, it keeps basically my network going for about 16 hours which covers for the most probably major power outages like say a storm fallen tree in street. They are I think lead acid type inside and very heavy, but they not meant to be moved.

I moved progressively all of our tech to decent battery life devices, we all have Chromebooks now which last about 9 hours online, and bought lots of independent USB batteries from the tiny purse/pocket Mini through to recently the 26800, and most devices have large storage, e.g. typing this on a Chromebook with a 128GB SD card. When I travel I tend now to use a Pixel C which is USB-C and say the Powercore 26800 I have now would make that last say 3-4 days of heavy use off-grid.

I have some daily deal type larger batteries. Total is about 130AH off top of my head and of course as they each age and lose capacity I can replace as/when. My Anker batteries are newer and not failed yet but earlier say EasyAcc is dead now.

I dont see a need for a large capacity portable powerbank, especilly given its price, and I’d be worried about the longevity, it is not particularly intended to be self-service, I mean can I pull a draw out see the failed 18650B and self replace to keep the whole item working for 5…10 years? It is one thing for say a $23 Powercore 10000 to die of old age in say 3 years from now but a $400 Powerhouse fail?

It would need to be far more self-service like the user replaceable insides of the UPS I have from APC.

To complement the batteries I have inverter for the car so if we were to have a long road trip I can charge non-USB devices, and I have a 20W Solar panel for long off-grid trips, and I have my bikes with dynohubs, so I could theoretically last totally off-grid.

For scenarios where that Powerhouse would make sense… say car camping groups??? But all the people I know who want all of the tech are heavily into indoors comforts. All the people who want a bit of tech just use a mobile with SD card and a 5Ah-10Ah USB battery or a replacement internal phone battery.