Anker powerhouse U.K

Hi, love the look of the new anker powerhouse, it seems that it is not on the U.K site. Does anyone know when it will launch in the U.K, and how much it would be? Thanks, Angus

Hello! I am not sure when it will launch in the U.K. but the price will be around $500 USD or 396.76 British Pounds. Hope this helps!

I expect the answer would be a function of many similar products are being bought.

The product is so electrically large it cannot be flown as-is so must be shipped from China meaning by sea so there is a lag between decision by Anker and it being available to the consumer. If Anker were to send a crate’s worth to UK… how many would get bought?

If you send a crate to the USA, unload at L.A. docks, you can land ship to 16% of world’s landmass. The UK is …

I’m sure a lot will be bought in UK if it was available. I would buy one for sure.

So looking through the eyes of a distributor in UK…

What is the current nearest equivalent and how many are bought? You’d want to know that before deciding if you launched.

If I place myself in the UK and search for similar products, it points me to Goal Zero Yeti 400, if I look for reviews I see 3 on Amazon, and 2 on another site. There doesn’t seem a lot of interest.

If i place myself in USA I see for the same product 400 reviews on the equivalent site (say compare Amazon UK with Amazon USA).

The population of UK vs USA is about a factor of 5 but the ratio of interest seems nearer to about 200 meaning there seems about 1/40th the interest in the UK per person than in USA. Why is that?

Is it because the country it small, distances are small, and you’re not far from mains power? UK is 8 times more population density so access to mains power is much nearer on average.

To distribute in the UK involves handling local warranty and repairs issues, so you’d need for something this expensive and a device which ages (batteries age) you’d need to see a larger market than a little bit of searching suggests.

That represents risk to the distributor.

If you compare prices of the Yeti, which is not a product I’m recommending, just using as a yardstick of market interest, the USA price is $448, if you used current exchange rate and added UK VAT the price in UK should be £425, it is £430 so that indicates the method to extrapolate price seems valid. So doing the same for an Anker Powerhouse $500 (so it seems) would become £476.

Would you pay £476 for the Anker Powerhouse in the UK?

I show screenshots of USA vs UK as my source data.

This comparative analysis done in minutes, is crude, easily shot down, but is shows the example problem for someone in the UK thinking about distributing or buying.

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USA price excludes sales tax, which is added at sale time based on location. UK prices include sales tax mandatory regardless of where in UK.

So a fairer extrapolation is $500 / 1.26 current exchange x 1.2 VAT = £476.

What can and often does happen in UK as its market is smaller, goods can and often do end up higher cost than the straight currently and tax differences predicts so the £476 would be assumed a minimum.

Ok. Thanks for the correction!

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One thing I don’t understand why it costs so much. In theory it’s just a lot of smaller batteries (power banks) put in one box. If Anker lowered the price it would be more popular.

If you want a lot of power at lower cost consider alternatives. Lead acid options are lower cost. APC, Belkin?

I looked again at the Anker site. It is 434Wh.

A typical Li battery is 12Wh costs $4 and weighs 46g.

So 434/12 = 36. So the battery cost should be $145. Add electronics etc so manufacturing cost is say $200.

The weight is 46*36g=1.6Kg. The item is 4Kg.

So there’s casing etc adding 2.4Kg.

So yes, there does seem an opportunity for Banker to offer the product at lower cost. But why? Who is their competition? I checked and saw expensive Goalzero.

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There is a detailed teardown on Amazon. It is a mix of criticism that the unit is not intended to be self-service and given its cost will lead to a lot of long term disappointment, it is well built in some places, badly built in other places.

Seriously I’d consider just shrinking your power needs and sticking with the smaller batteries, like lots of Powercore 10000.

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