Anker PowerHouse II 400

Where I can buy Anker Power House in Qatar?

You know the Qatar popular socket is type G (UK type) and this is USA type socket? You can get around it via a plug adapter and I know this model can change its 50/60 frequency. So it should technically work with an adapter.


I see below a source, given this is quite an high cost item, I’d suggest wait a couple of days for a reply checking with Anker they will supply full warranty from them as you see they are not listed as a retailer from Anker. Probably an error on Anker’s part but I’d suggest wait and check to be sure.

image (Middle East and Africa Only)

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Ask the support and you shoudl take care of the sockets as @Professor mentioned.
(Adapters will be needed)

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Hi, you can purchase Anker PowerHouse from Startech Store in Qatar.


Thanks for joining the community and replying so quickly.

Anker’s own website doesn’t list them for Qatar

image image image

Not saying you’re wrong at all, this may just be an error on Anker’s part, just pointing out it’s worth checking, given the warranty dimension of a relatively high cost product.

Here it is:

Yes I saw that.

The concern should be why is this retailer not on Anker’s site, their error? I’d simply suggest to check and wait for Anker to say.

They got many ANKER products.
My be they forgot to list that retailer. :rofl:

There are a lot of online resellers of Anker products, but that doesn’t mean they are authorized resellers. Most end up warranting the items themselves because they are not authorized, but given the high cost of this product I wouldn’t chance it.


thank you very much

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We are not the support. (Many think we are)
We are members of the ANKER forum and we like to help if possible.

You are welcome to take part here in the future and tell us about the Powerhouse if you get one.
I don’t remember there is one from the Arabian peninsula here as a member :smiley:

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