Anker Powerhouse discussion

The power house is one of the coolest and most expensive Anker products ever. My question to everyone is what would you use it for if you were going to pay the $500 dollar price. Comment below and tell me if you bought one.

It is quite cool, but for $500, it’s more for those who really need it or have the $ to throw at it. Frequent campers and construction workers come to mind.

Drones! Charging drones while out in the field. And for camping to power my portable fridge. Just decided to build my own solar portable generator for cheaper and with 3 times the capacity. :wink: just not as light but I can manage.


Fascinating. Keep us informed!

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I would love to see what you made, pics would be awesome and how it’s used. I’m looking to make something similar but it has to be portable and functional

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Once I get everything neat and tidy and heatshrinked I will post pictures and answer questions. :grin:

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:joy: FREAKIN. AWESOME :joy:

I would not have much use for it considering it is at a $500 price point but I would imagine I can use it for camping or traveling on road trips with fams.

That’s one hell of an external battery xD