Anker PowerHouse deal for $350

Saw this on Android Authority. $150 off the price, if someone is looking for Powerhouse : )

Stay charged even out in the wild with Anker’s PowerHouse generator on sale for $350

Deal is on Ebay

All you have to do is click “Buy it Now” and you should see the discount applied automatically during checkout. Without the discount, its going for $500,


Awesome deal for anyone looking to go off grid for a while


Nice deal!


Hmmmmmmm tempting…


If I could get one (The Krauts are not in the game as far I see)
I could dismiss my two old hamsters.:


This is Hermann II !

If I could get a bigger roller to fit me, i could run all along to generate some electricity / power myself :rofl::rofl::rofl: (just kidding… )

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And dont forget to use the EUFY scale after having produced 1KW.

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If you go off the grid, you have to be able to access the community still :joy:

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We all need our daily fix! :wink:

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Cool deal, but here you may found something more about portable generators

The problem with generators is they need some sort of fuel. It can be laborious to bring fuel, and a lathe generators.