Anker PowerHouse $449.99!

The original anker powerhouse is $50 off, making it only $449.99 on


Portable Power
PowerHouse’s sturdy yet compact body encases a remarkable 434 watt-hours of power, enough to fully charge a laptop up to 15 times or give your phone up to 40 recharges. With a compact build made for easy carrying, PowerHouse is the ideal power supply to carry on outings or roadtrips.

Multi-Device Charging
Four USB ports powered by fast-charging PowerIQ technology, ensure that your phones, tablets and cameras stay charged throughout the day.

Reliable Lifeline
PowerHouse offers a reliable alternative power option for small medical devices such as CPAP machines. Its noiseless and fumeless operation makes it the ideal clean power source.

Ideal Camping Partner
PowerHouse can light a 15V lamp for 100+ hours. With ultra-high capacity and a highly portable design, it’s the ideal power supply for outings or camping trips.

Superior Quality
Only Premium Components
PowerHouse is built using only high-grade components. Its sturdy, drop-tested aluminum shell is built to withstand the rigor of your outdoor adventures.

Battery Management System (BMS)
BMS undertakes voltage control, temperature control, short circuit prevention and more advanced safety procedures. It conducts active cell balancing to optimize battery performance and extend battery life.

Peace of Mind Included
Every purchase includes our lifetime technical support. If you have any questions, our team will be more than happy to help out.

Portable Power
Boasting a remarkable 434 watt-hours of energy, PowerHouse packs enough power to fully charge a laptop up to 15 times. A high-density lithium-ion battery makes PowerHouse significantly smaller and lighter than lead-acid power pack alternatives.

Fuel-less Power Supply
PowerHouse is completely fumeless and fuel-less and produces clean, safe and silent mobile power

Triple Output Modes
PowerHouse offers you varied modes of power delivery. A 12V socket, an AC outlet and 4 fast-charging USB ports allow you to power an extensive range of devices or appliances.

Superior Quality
Battery Management System undertakes voltage control, temperature control, short circuit prevention and more advanced safety procedures. It conducts active cell balancing to optimize battery performance, thus extending battery life.


Good deal but not looking for now though

Thanks for sharing!


$450? :scream: :dizzy_face:


It’s definitely not cheap, but it’s 120,000 MaH :grin:

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Only way I see my myself buying one is if it was way cheaper lol

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Lol instead of $50 off it should’ve been 50% off :joy:


Not a good deal At All
This has been down into the 300’s last year and if I’m not mistaken it had even gone down under 300 for a bit at one point


That’s a bit harsh :cry:

A tad bit too expensive for me. Would love to have one though.

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Not harsh to you, just in general based on past sale prices


It may not be the best deal, but it’s better than full price, making it a mediocre deal at best.

I understand what your saying though :wink:

That would’ve been a better deal :+1: glad I’m not the only cheap ass around here rofl

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that’s a lot of money!!! :sweat_smile:


If your power goes out you’d be happy you had it :grin::joy::wink:

Have too many rechargeable batteries and chargers at home, will use them for now…

If the price goes down very steep might consider it.

I’ve seen it cheaper but still thanks for posting some deal is better than no deal

If we do this, I think the Power house will be sold out within one day!

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If this only holds 120000 mah I rather buy the anker phone which holds 600000 mah :joy::joy::joy::+1:t2:

This is a beast. Love the capacity

Nice deal, that’s a beast