Anker PowerHouse 200 deal fro $191.24 (LOWEST EVER)! (US)

Anker PowerHouse 200 deal fro $191.24 (LOWEST EVER) !!!

Anker Powerhouse 200, 213Wh/57600mAh Portable Rechargeable Generator Clean & Silent 110V AC Outlet/USB-C Power Delivery/USB/12V Car Outlets, for Fast Charging, Camping, Emergencies, CPAP

Save $108.75 (36%)

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  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 50 million+ powered by our leading technology.
  • Universal Compatibility: Pump out the power for mobile devices, emergency equipment, computers, and small appliances.
  • Hours of Power: Charge a MacBook Pro over 5 times, a phone over 12, or even run small appliances like mini-fridges for over 4 hours.
  • Recharge Your Way: Replenish PowerHouse’s capacity via a USB-C Power Delivery car or wall charger, or an AC power adapter. Compatible with 5-22V DC output solar chargers (not included).
  • What You Get: PowerHouse 200, AC adapter, power cable, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.



Leading Charging Technology

  • Thanks to pioneering innovation and an insistence on using only the highest-quality materials, Anker sets the market benchmark for USB charging and connectivity.

PowerHouse 200

The successor to the original clean and silent portable generator.

Ideal for outdoor adventures, emergencies, or as supplementary mobile power for home medical equipment, PowerHouse 200 has the power, versatility, and portability to handle any challenge.

  • Enormous Capacity
  • 1 DC Outlet (12V), 1 AC Outlet, 1 USB Power Delivery Port, and 2 High-Speed USB-A Charging Ports
  • Recharges via USB-C, AC, or Solar
  • Superior Safety with MultiProtect
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#### Power for All

Charge or power multiple devices at the same time; without sacrificing power or speed.|#### Power Delivery In and Out

Recharge PowerHouse itself, or give a full-speed charge to a wide range of USB-C devices via the dedicated Power Delivery port.|#### Charge Anywhere

The ultra-compact design lets you charge anywhere you need to, be it inside your house, your yard, or in your garage.|

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#### Award-Winning Design

PowerHouse has been recognized by iF and Red Dot for its innovative and portable design.|#### Superior Safety

Anker’s world-renowned safety systems keep you and your devices protected.|#### Suitable for Small-to-Medium Devices

Please note that PowerHouse 200 only supports devices with a rating less than 100W.|

PowerHouse 200

  • The More Portable Clean & Silent Generator

From Anker, America’s Leading Charging Brand

  • Faster and safer charging with our advanced technology. 50 million+ happy users and counting

USB-C Port Information

  • To charge a USB-C device with the PD port, press the PD button before connecting your device. If the device is connected before the button is pressed, the device will use its battery power to charge PowerHouse, which may damage the connected device.
  • Compatible with USB-C MacBooks / iPad, iPhone 8 / X / XS / XS Max / XR (Lightning cable required), Android smartphones and tablets (including the Nexus 7), and other USB-charged devices.
  • Incompatible with HTC 10, HP Spectre, Dell XPS series laptops, Dell Venue series laptops, Asus series laptops/tablets, as well as Lenovo ThinkPad 470s and ThinkPad X1 tablets. Some USB-C laptops which require an input over 30W may not be compatible.
  • Does not support high-speed charging for MacBook Pro, Samsung W700, Lumia 950, or Motorola Z Force Droid Edition. Nintendo Switch will not charge when connected via HDMI.
  • Not compatible with devices with an input below 50mA (e.g. some Bluetooth headsets and GPS devices).

Pass-Through Charging

  • PowerHouse is capable of pass-through charging while connected via a vehicle output or AC outlet. It will not replenish its own battery if the power requirements of connected devices exceed that of input.


  • Solar charging requires a 5-22V solar charger with 5.5*2.1 mm DC output. Recharging will be faster at higher voltages.
  • AC Port Frequency Setting: Press the PD and AC buttons at the same time to change the frequency. After entering option mode, press the PD button to switch between 50% (50Hz) and 60% (60Hz).

I’ll just point out the average price for a 70Wh Powercore is $40, sometimes briefly to $30, so 3 of them is 210Wh for $90-$120, so this is about 80% more expensive for less stored energy. So you really need that AC outlet to justify, even at this lowest ever price.

I am aware of the CPAP use case, but really the manufacturers should move to USB to lighten the travel burden.

Thanks for sharing, so does that mean a few weeks after this deal ends, the prices goes up and the Powerhouse 100 is available?

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PowerHouse 200 can be very helpful for emergencies entailing CPAP, mostly during the power outages for backup or while at camping, more so during the fast approaching Atlantic Hurricane season.

AC outlet does make a difference for such instances…

Big discount there @Shenoy :+1:t2:

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Awesome discount!! :clap:

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I’m predicting a release sometime next month…

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